Changed to Stainless Steel Cookware!

I was shopping for additional 3 qt saucepan to add to my All-Clad (AC) collection. A friend recommended me these pots and pans to buy. When I looked it up, I found the set instead. Checked it out at the local kitchen store and I must say that the build quality and finishing is almost (95-97%) on par with AC SS set I have now. I love these new pans! I get a much better color on my meat and its easier to whisk, etc, on these than being careful on the non-stick Calphalon I own. While I have yet to clean them with the Bar Keepers’ Friend product to remove the discoloration from use, the stuck on food comes off relatively easy after a short hot water soak on the counter. Best part yet, the look fantastic when you take them out. I got many compliments about my shiny cookware during the holidays!
stainless steel cookware
This set had nice rolled rims to allow pouring without a spill or mess, not so on my AC pots. Ditto for the brushed SS finish on the outside. The lids are a tad lighter than the AC lids but do not effect cooking. Decided to give it a shot for a little bit more that what the All Clad pot would have cost by itself. This set was made in China unlike the AC which is made in USA.

For the first test I sauteed onions and mushrooms, then cooked a chicken breast, and finally made a proper pan sauce. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually licked the sauce from the plate it was so good. No other pan I’ve ever owned produced such a rich and delicious sauce. I did experience some sticking on the chicken but it was because I didn’t dry the meat before placing in the pan. Lesson learned. Clean up was easy. I did experience a hazy residue in the pan after washing but I cleaned it up with some Bar Keeper’s Friend and the residue completely disappeared. I am very happy with the Cuisinart set and highly recommend it to anyone in the market for new pots and pans.

The fact that they are molded at the bottom.. and the tri-ply is NOT a separate part. My friend had pans that had the tri-ply on the bottom as a separate piece.. and after a few years the bottom of the pan came off! I’ve had this set for 2 years thus far. Easy to clean. Even cooking. Browns meat beautifully. Just enough parts of the set to meet my needs but not too many for clutter purposes. Biggest bonus is the price! Product is priced great and I like the lifetime warranty. I can see passing the pans on to my kids one day!