My New Beautiful Cookware Set

I love my cookware! Heavy, beautiful, I enjoy cooking again! This set replaced pots I had had for years. My son is a professional chef and recommended these to me. I love the way they cook and the way they look. High heat isn’t needed because the heat is evenly distributed.
stainless steel cookware
In return for this incremental trouble, you get to feel like a professional chef. The pots and pans are works of art to behold, with a beautiful mirror finish, very thick and solid feeling, and, yes – the heat really DOES climb up the side compared with bottom heating pans. They are just beautiful to handle and use. The lids fit well, are heavy-duty and are well designed with a concave shape (sheds condensation down the sides) – I don’t end up wishing they were glass. I expect these best cookware┬áto last a lifetime.

I cook with induction, and the pans work great, and display very little “noise”, although I don’t have other pans to compare them with – not a factor either way. I could not be happier – and doubt that any other pan (AllClads included, which, yes, are wonderful pans too) would outperform or outlook.

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For the past 10+ years I have purchased several sets of “high end” non stick cookware including Calphalon and more recently ceramic based non stick cookware, paying anywhere from $130-$300 per set). I cook every day and typically use 2-3 pots/pans each day. The longest any set lasted was about 2 years, which seems way too short of a time.

This is my first set of stainless steel cookware. At first I was very nervous about having to use more oil, etc. So far it has not been a big issue. The only challenge is scrambled eggs, which I do cook a lot. If you let the pan sit for 2 hours, it cleans just fine. But I have opted to just buy a non-stick pan to use for eggs. (One pan every 2+ years for less than $15 is OK by me.)