A Guide to Choosing the Best Espresso Maker

I must admit that I was initially used to taking coffee but now addicted to espresso. I simply cannot do without a cup of espresso especially in late afternoons when I relax from my hectic daily engagements. I believe that what has made me addicted to espresso is the latest espresso maker machine that is now part of my kitchen machines. The darker liquid of real coffee that comes off the machine simply makes my day.
espresso shot
I have used different espresso maker machines over the years and I believe that I have a thing or two to share with you on how to choose the best espresso machines.

My first espresso maker machine was a manual machine that i used to brew high quality espresso with great taste. It was also portable an used to carry it to the office. I still have it and the fact that it does not use electricity makes it possible to travel with it and still be able to enjoy my espresso wherever i go. However, the fact that its use involves some level of manual work made me buy a semi-automatic machine the moment they became available.

The semi-automatic machine features an automatic pump and temperature controls. I easily decide when to start and stop the pump. Although I liked the machine because of less manual work manual work involved and quality espresso, I wanted a machine that I could get less involved with. It is for this reason that I invested in an automatic machine that proved very easy to use since it could automatically control amount of water it uses in making espresso. However, it used to break down after some time due to the many electronic parts. This forced me to shop for a super automatic machine. I was lucky to find an all-in-one single boiler machine that features a built-in grinder complete with programmable settings. The machine has two thermostats; one that controls water temperature when brewing coffee and other for milk steaming. I can easily move from brewing coffee to steam milk by simply flipping a switch. It serves me best although I cannot brew and steam at the same time.

The fact that my latest super espresso machine is the best for me may not necessarily mean that it is best for you. You may certainly want to have control of how you make your espresso and a manual or semi-automatic machine will be the best for you. Mine works for me best because I can always make such other drinks as macchiato and cappuccino among other drinks. If a type you choose is capable of making such then it is the best.

In addition to the best type of espresso maker to buy, you also need to consider several factors to make it possible for you to choose only the best. You may need to consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the machine, its durability, size, available features and your drinking preference.

There is coffee and espresso and an espresso maker you choose to buy should be one that will serve you best. There are certainly different brands in the market and it is important that you read different espresso machine brand reviews to identify one that will serve you best.